Other SEO Tools

SEO Hosting

SEO hosting is a great tool for SEO. It helps the site owner to stay ahead of the competition in SEO content. The tool has the strongest IP management ability and can evaluate billions of users with their IP address. The tool also helps in improved networking and navigation in over the various marketing strategies from all over the world. The site will always be up on the network and can be accessed by thousands of individuals without experiencing malfunctions.

IIS SEO Toolkit

To get an overview of your site, its URL, and the content, the tool is the right one. It will show you the parts of your site that appear to have an error or complicated. It shows the site structure and identifies areas with page breaks for correction. IIS SEO Toolkit is a Microsoft tool, for every area, it detects an error it marks the error with a red mark. It is also possible to use the IIS SEO Toolkit to analyze thousands of websites.

Majestic SEO

The tool is important in 3 major ways. First, it is a good site checker. With it, you can dig into any site and conduct an analysis on performance. Also, it is a good tool to use for backlinks checking. You can check the history of a site and all the backlinks the site has used since development. Finally, the tool plays a major role in checking the number of keywords a domain has. It is important in checking how many keywords for minimization or addition in a site.

Screaming Frog

The tool is software that one can download and install on the PC. It makes you aware of any errors with your domain. It can also analyze images from an SEO direction for use in SEO content. With the tool, you can get a page title, and export valuable information and get recommendations for the information. Referencing material with the Screaming Frog is easy. The tool is free to use.

Bing Webmaster Tool

The tool lets you get the Bing points of view. It gives one a clear analysis on how the site is performing online. It is a simple tool to use because it gives directions on how to use and master its functions correctly.

SEO Book

An SEO book will show you how a competitor web is performing. Besides, it can analyze the performance of your web and explain more in cases of redirects. By just having a look at the header in your server the tool can show all the redirects and it gives a good base for domain development and change of strategy.


Your eyes are the most valuable and free tool you have. You can always check the sites performance and use the results to decision her better options for the site. With the eyes, you can see the common questions that users are asking and develop solutions about their responses.

The Keyword Grouper

The keyword grouper provides the domain owner with thousands of keyword options all the keywords are tailored according to the requirements by Google and algorithmic ranks. The tool developed by wordstream is great in counteracting competitors and raising the position of the domain in Google search.

Hubspot Tool

For the development of the right content Hub has the system in place for all users. It is essential as an as you –type component. In blogs, it keeps advising as you go along on what keyword will be right for the website one is looking to develop. The system is also great in tracking all the keywords used in a domain. It helps strategize the component to decide on what appears on the domain for better rankings.

Every SEO firm is on the toe to create the best content for an improvement in ranking. The most appropriate way is to ensure that before coming up with keywords you have conducted enough research about the field you are in. Also, avoid missing up on various updates and change in trends by Google. The Google Penguin is always on the check to identify domains with non-legit content for poor rankings.