Finding SEO Tools


ALEXA is a tool that helps monitor the traffic flow to a competitor’s website. The tool gives the right information and explains the various traits the competitor’s site is using that one does not have. It works to help one come up with better strategies and understand new trends in the market. To make the best use of Alexa, consider the most visited international sites and the reason as to why. It gives the domain owner more and quality information.


As a tool, it is known for its ability to operate well in measuring digital conversions. With the tool, it is easy to get a glimpse of the various behaviors by consumers. Also the reason as to why they act in a particular manner. For starters, it helps in knowing what searches customers conduct and provides solutions to attracting them to a domain.


It is a tool that monitors the trends in the social media. It gives accurate details on the current products that consumers are for and the reason. More so, it is easy to use the tool in measuring the level of popularity of a brand and the famous influencers in the brands. If used, it can help make influencers attract more crowds to a site for better ranks.

Monitor Backlinks

The tool makes it easy to analyze what backlinks competitors are using. It can get rid of the irrelevant back links and show the backlinks adding value to sites. The tool proves that it is not about how many backlinks one puts on site but how many of them are relevant and informative. To your site, it is easy to make an estimate of the keywords used and the reactions of the users to new backlinks.


SpyFU is the most powerful tool in the market in measuring the number of keywords and the content used by competitors. In this business, keeping your competitors close is advised to avoid duplicating their content as well as learning new marketing strategies. SpyFu helps know the statistics of keywords and the marketing strategies for use by the competitor firms.

Complete PRO

The tool is best recommended in tracing the whole population trends. It measures and analyzes consumer behaviors, patterns, and behavior of competitors over various seasons. It provides all the demographic information. The tool is referred to as an intelligence tool considering its ability and accuracy with information.